MyCarrierPackets Carrier packets made easy
The number one carrier onboarding service provider in the Transportation Industry
Swan Transportation Services Ltd:

“Assure Assist provides an extremely useful and efficient carrier onboarding tool, MyCarrierPackets! The program is very user friendly for not only our staff but also our carriers, MyCarrierPackets integrates well with SaferWatch Assure Service - their certificate of insurance, authority, and safety prequal and monitoring program. By utilizing this program, our efficiency in setting up qualified carriers has increased and we have the added benefit of looking and being more up to date! In addition to all of the benefits of the MyCarrierPackets products, we also greatly appreciate the personal attention and customized staff training we received when setting up our account and the continued day to day support we receive every time we call!”

Becky Micheaux, Operations Manager for Swan Transportation Services Ltd Swan Transportation Services Ltd
Pioneer Transfer:

“MyCarrierPackets has significantly improved our in-house onboarding processes. It has made us much more efficient and cutting edge, and the rate is unmatched.”

Kari Dobrovolny, Vice President for Pioneer Transfer, LLC Pioneer Transfer
ROAR Logistics:

“ROAR Logistics now has the ability to spend more time with our customers and carrier-partners because we save time, money, and resources by utilizing MyCarrierPackets. With the addition of Cert-Data (and SaferWatch) we also have a greater peace of mind with our risk management & compliance.”

Lee Vento, CTB, Director of Truck Operations at ROAR Logistics ROAR Logistics

“In addition to centralizing our onboarding processes and making our carrier setup more efficient, MyCarrierPackets also has saved us from being victims of identity theft.”

Brent Goldberg, Vice President & CFO of LyncAmerica LyncAmerica
Prax Worldwide:

“ is truly a great business partner! The amount of time saved in sending back and forth carrier packets, monitoring insurance certificates and other important administrative tasks that we have saved is extraordinary. This gives us a lot more time to do what we do best - Move Expedited Freight. It is a reasonably priced solution that pays for itself every day!”

Dale Prax, Senior Managing Director for Prax Worldwide Logistics Prax Worldwide
ZMAC Transportation Solutions:

“MyCarrierPackets is a must have for any company looking to speed up and improve accuracy for their carrier onboarding process. MyCarrierPackets eliminates the guess work out of the old school handwritten documents.”

Brian Kelsey, VP of Operations for ZMAC Transportation Solutions ZMAC Transportation Solutions
InstiCo Logistics:

“My Carrier Packets has helped us onboard carriers more efficiently, drastically reducing the time and expense in the setup process.”

Anthony Butler, V.P. of Operations and Customer Service for InstiCo Logistics InstiCo Logistics
Propak Corporation:

“We’ve found the MyCarrierPackets website easy to use and the company easy to work with and responsive to requests. Happy users!”

David Woodring, Lead Technical Product Owner for Propak Corporation Propak Corporation
Innovative Worldwide:

“I was very skeptical at first. I had two major concerns about MyCarrierPackets in the beginning. One, our carrier’s ability to navigate the website. Two, whether or not this product would actually save us time with the carrier setup process. My skepticism in both case was unfounded. We are small company and technology plays a large part in making things happen with a small group of people. MyCarrierPackets has accomplished the following for our business: Reduced the time involved with generating carrier packets, eliminated unnecessary manual processing of forms, Cut the turn-around time on carriers returning carrier packets by 75%, carriers have been able to use MCP with ease and appreciate it. This has been very helpful for the 1-truck carrier operating with a tablet or laptop while on the road.

In addition, MyCarrierPackets has simplified the process of compiling documents for the on-site carrier files that we maintain. We can generate and compile the documents in half the time. No more delays waiting for missing documents that the carrier forgot and/or had trouble transmitting. All required documents are integrated in one solution. MyCarrierPackets has reduced the time involved with setting up a carrier in our TMS. This is because everything comes over together at one time. No more piecemeal receiving of carrier documents over 30 to 60-minute time period.”

Mark Kreider, Founder and President of Innovative Worldwide Logistics, Inc. Innovative Worldwide
Logistic Dynamics:

“The Assure Assist MyCarrierPackets service is an extremely valuable tool for our company. For an unbelievably low rate, we have drastically improved our carrier qualification, onboarding, and ongoing monitoring process.”

Mike Cannistra, Director of Agent Services for Logistic Dynamics Inc. Logistic Dynamics
PT Corporation:

“MyCarrierPackets is a powerful carrier onboarding tool our company utilizes to run as efficiently as possible. Assure Assist is very flexible and attentive when it comes to our specific needs, and the rate is unbelievable!”

Michael Tims, Owner of Partner PT Corporation, Inc. Logistic Dynamics
ARK Logistics, LLC:

“Since we’ve used MyCarrierPackets, our carrier onboarding process has greatly improved. This is a real game-changer in the industry.”

Darrell Wilder, Agent Director at ARK Logistics, LLC ARK Logistics, LLC
GTO 2000, Inc.

“ has greatly improved our efficiency in setting up new carriers. It allows us to pre-qualify a carrier via the SaferWatch link prior to sending an invitation to complete our package. Since the package is sent and received electronically, it gives us a very quick turn-around time for setting up new carriers. The electronic package also eliminates the need to decipher handwriting or poor fax quality for pertinent information. Prior to, it was often difficult to read handwritten, faxed forms which sometimes resulted in data entry errors. Any issues we have using the site (whether technical or non-technical) are quickly resolved by phone support or help email. There is finally a site for carrier onboarding that makes sense and is simple to setup and use, and that is”

Sherri Holcombe, Risk Manager at GTO 2000, Inc. GTO 2000, Inc.
AGEX Freight Group, LLC

“MyCarrierPackets has greatly increased our carrier qualification efficiency and has been a very cost-effective and useful recruiting tool for our company. Our agents love it as much as we do!”

Kim Watson Director, Business Services & Human Resources for AGEX Freight Group, LLC AGEX Freight Group, LLC
Progressive Freight

“MyCarrierPackets, have become our staple for onboarding new carriers. It provides integration with saferwatch; that makes verification quick and easy. They offer excellent customer support to assist with any issues that may arise. MyCarrierPackets makes all other onboarding processes obsolete. Our team wouldn’t go back to the old pdf’s or fax packets for anything. We are truly grateful for all that MyCarrierPackets provides.”

Roger Dixon, Carrier Sales at Progressive Freight Progressive Freight
Force Freight

“Force Freight has enjoyed the personal attention we’ve received setting up our MyCarrierPackets account and there is an enormous benefit at a very reasonable rate. With MyCarrierPackets, we have mainstreamed our carrier onboarding process and there is more information readily available to support our risk management and compliance. Our team simply sends an invitation to a carrier after reviewing the search results in MyCarrierPackets, and MyCarrierPackets/SaferWatch takes it from there. Very easy to use! We love MyCarrierPackets.”

Kristen Bond, Owner/Chief Executive Manager Force Freight Force Freight
High Tide Transportation

“Assure Assist’s MyCarrierPackets is a great product and they have amazing customer service! I would recommend them to any Aljex TMS freight broker looking to outsource carrier onboarding!”

Ross Schager, President at High Tide Transportation High Tide Transportation
Spirit Truck Lines

“MyCarrierPackets is a very user friendly and dynamic tool we use to onboard our carriers. Assure Assist is always working on ways to make the onboarding processes easier. It centralizes the onboarding process and provides a very valuable service at a very reasonable price.”

Larry Elizondo, CDS, CFS Safety Manager at Spirit Truck Lines Spirit Truck Lines