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  • We implemented MCP in May 2018 and couldn’t be happier. Everything from setting up our qualifications and onboarding questions, importing our current carriers for continued monitoring, and integrating into our TMS was seamless. Integrating with McLeod took a couple hours where our previous Onboarding/Monitoring company took weeks to get off the ground and ready to use. All the data we ask for in our set up is automatically imported to McLeod including contracts and W-9’s. Any changes we need to make to our qualifications are instant (and free!) and our team loves the interface and search features with easy to understand red/yellow/green qualifications. The support has been outstanding when we have questions or run into issues and carriers can call into MCP for assistance completing packets if needed which has been a huge help. In 6 months we have saved over $12,000 making the switch to MCP. That is the icing on the cake.

    Jennifer Stuber-Graham, CTB Director of Operations
  • Since we implemented MyCarrierPackets, onboarding carriers takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes to complete the entire packet! The insurance monitoring through Assure Advantage gives us peace of mind. Our carriers are very pleased to find how user friendly the program is. Jay and his team are fantastic to work with. We highly recommend MyCarrier Packets!

    Jordan Williams Agent Services Supervisor
  • We are above and beyond impressed by “MyCarrierPackets!” It is a very streamlined process and quick for our carriers to get set up. We love how it integrates with our TMS system, and the customer service is amazing! We highly recommend “MyCarrierPackets!”

    Tiffany Novich President
  • There's a chance I'm overlooking something we've done in the last year, but off the cuff, I'd say that transferring from another provider to MCP has been the best transaction and one of the best overall decisions we've made as a brokerage.

    A.J Cheek, Part Owner Topo Logistics
  • Since making the transition to complete carrier on-boarding automation with the My Carrier Packets products we have really been able to streamline our process and utilize that extra time to focus on what we do best. Providing exceptional service through reliability and availability to our customers. The outdated method of manually qualifying new partner carriers and then entering all that data by hand was a very time-consuming process. Additionally, the team at Assure Assist have been readily available to answer any questions that arise! Our partnership with Assure Assist and MyCarrierPackets has been one that directly improves our bottom line and is a decision I would make again and again!

    Cade Alsbury Owner – CEO Ozark Truck Brokers LLC
  • Since implementing MyCarrierPackets, we have seen a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes to onboard new carriers with our team. Previously we had a lot of user interaction to get through a new carrier however we have been able to automate this process entirely for 90%+ of new carriers added to our network. Our network of carriers have been much more responsive and very happy with the new setup process as well. Monitoring them with Assure Advantage has helped compliance and we’ve been able to identify issues we hadn’t been alerted to before the implementation. With the McLeod integration, it has made our team’s job of setting up new carriers seamless.

    Tom Curee, Vice President of Logistics for Kingsgate Logistics
  • Since implementing the MyCarrierPackets services integrated with McLeod, we've noticed a new level of efficiency in our carrier onboarding and monitored processes. Setting up carriers is a seamless one step process which has removed 99% of our manual carrier setup work we had to do previously. Carriers are onboarded within minutes and tracked for us automatically with no human intervention. They have 95% of the carrier insurance certificates preloaded for us, and when not on file, they generally obtain them within the hour on all new carriers setup and carriers we have a load waiting with. The rates for the service is a fraction of what it should be and it doesn't fluctuate!

    Jason Reed, CEO of Reed Transport Services, Inc
  • As a new brokerage, we knew that getting our carriers setup in an efficient manner would be vital to our early success as a company. We needed a streamlined process that was quick and easy for us as well as our carriers. Of all the decisions we have made, choosing MyCarrierPackets is at the top of the list. Jay and his team have been fantastic to us!

    Jake Lowe VP of Operations
  • The time saved by switching to mycarrierpackets is immeasurable. With in minutes carriers are screened for safety and fraud and set up in our system.

    Brandon Bennett
  • MyCarrierPackets has significantly improved our in-house onboarding processes. It has made us much more efficient and cutting edge, and the rate is unmatched.

    Kari Dobrovolny, Vice President for Pioneer Transfer, LLC
  • ROAR Logistics now has the ability to spend more time with our customers and carrier-partners because we save time, money, and resources by utilizing MyCarrierPackets. With the addition of Assure Advantage we also have a greater peace of mind with our risk management & compliance.

    Lee Vento, CTB, Director of Truck Operations at ROAR Logistics
  • We needed to save time booking carriers faster and making sure their profile + insurance was up to date. We are beyond grateful to have found MyCarrierPackets because they were able to check off every box we needed! MCP is run by great people, whom are friendly and quick to respond! They are eager to help with our questions. Also, MCP integrated with our TMS seamlessly; which made getting set up very smooth and easy! If you are looking to save time and get your carriers better organized, MyCarrierPackets is DEFINITELY the way to go! You will not regret signing up. I promise!

    Tom Brezinski , Carrier Relations, Pinnacle Freight Systems, Inc
  • In addition to centralizing our onboarding processes and making our carrier setup more efficient, MyCarrierPackets also has saved us from being victims of identity theft.

    Brent Goldberg, Vice President & CFO of LyncAmerica
  • As an owner of a small brokerage company, as well as it's unschooled IT manager, I am constantly on the lookout for technology that helps our company processes become more streamlined. My Carrier Packets is definitely one of those tools. This is a fantastic platform for streamlining the carrier setup process and safeguarding against carrier identity fraud. Integration between our TMS and My Carrier Packets made the platform even that much more valuable to our company. A subscription to My Carrier Packets is something that we should have done years ago! Do yourself a favor and sign up for this service today!

    Heath Holbert, Vice-President at 3 Rivers Logistics, Inc
  • is truly a great business partner! The amount of time saved in sending back and forth carrier packets, monitoring insurance certificates and other important administrative tasks that we have saved is extraordinary. This gives us a lot more time to do what we do best - Move freight. It is a reasonably priced solution that pays for itself every day!

    Dale Prax, President and CEO for Direct Expedite
  • MyCarrierPackets is a must have for any company looking to speed up and improve accuracy for their carrier onboarding process. MyCarrierPackets eliminates the guess work out of the old school handwritten documents.

    Brian Kelsey, VP of Operations for ZMAC Transportation Solutions
  • My Carrier Packets has helped us onboard carriers more efficiently, drastically reducing the time and expense in the setup process.

    Anthony Butler, V.P. of Operations and Customer Service for InstiCo Logistics
  • We've found the MyCarrierPackets website easy to use and the company easy to work with and responsive to requests. Happy users!

    David Woodring, Lead Technical Product Owner for Propak Corporation
  • I was very skeptical at first. I had two major concerns about MyCarrierPackets in the beginning. One, our carrier’s ability to navigate the website. Two, whether or not this product would actually save us time with the carrier setup process. My skepticism in both case was unfounded. We are small company and technology plays a large part in making things happen with a small group of people. MyCarrierPackets has accomplished the following for our business: Reduced the time involved with generating carrier packets, eliminated unnecessary manual processing of forms, Cut the turn-around time on carriers returning carrier packets by 75%, carriers have been able to use MCP with ease and appreciate it. This has been very helpful for the 1-truck carrier operating with a tablet or laptop while on the road.

    In addition, MyCarrierPackets has simplified the process of compiling documents for the on-site carrier files that we maintain. We can generate and compile the documents in half the time. No more delays waiting for missing documents that the carrier forgot and/or had trouble transmitting. All required documents are integrated in one solution. MyCarrierPackets has reduced the time involved with setting up a carrier in our TMS. This is because everything comes over together at one time. No more piecemeal receiving of carrier documents over 30 to 60-minute time period.

    Mark Kreider, Founder and President of Innovative Worldwide Logistics, Inc.
  • The Assure Assist MyCarrierPackets service is an extremely valuable tool for our company. For an unbelievably low rate, we have drastically improved our carrier qualification, onboarding, and ongoing monitoring process.

    Mike Cannistra, Director of Agent Services for Logistic Dynamics Inc.
  • MyCarrierPackets is a powerful carrier onboarding tool our company utilizes to run as efficiently as possible. Assure Assist is very flexible and attentive when it comes to our specific needs, and the rate is unbelievable!

    Michael Tims, Owner of Partner PT Corporation, Inc.
  • MyCarrierPackets has greatly increased our carrier qualification efficiency and has been a very cost-effective and useful recruiting tool for our company. Our agents love it as much as we do!

    Kim Watson Director, Business Services & Human Resources for AGX Freight Group, LLC
  • MyCarrierPackets, have become our staple for onboarding new carriers. It provides integration with Assure Advantage; that makes verification quick and easy. They offer excellent customer support to assist with any issues that may arise. MyCarrierPackets makes all other onboarding processes obsolete. Our team wouldn’t go back to the old pdf’s or fax packets for anything. We are truly grateful for all that MyCarrierPackets provides.

    Roger Dixon, Carrier Sales for Progressive Freight
  • Force Freight has enjoyed the personal attention we’ve received setting up our MyCarrierPackets account and there is an enormous benefit at a very reasonable rate. With MyCarrierPackets, we have mainstreamed our carrier onboarding process and there is more information readily available to support our risk management and compliance. Our team simply sends an invitation to a carrier after reviewing the search results in MyCarrierPackets, and MyCarrierPackets takes it from there. Very easy to use! We love MyCarrierPackets.

    Kristen Bond, Owner/Chief Executive Manager at Force Freight
  • Assure Assist’s MyCarrierPackets is a great product and they have amazing customer service! I would recommend them to any Aljex TMS freight broker looking to outsource carrier onboarding!

    Ross Schager, President at High Tide Transportation
  • MyCarrierPackets is a very user friendly and dynamic tool we use to onboard our carriers. Assure Assist is always working on ways to make the onboarding processes easier. It centralizes the onboarding process and provides a very valuable service at a very reasonable price.

    Larry Elizondo, CDS, CFS Safety Manager for Spirit Truck Lines
  • MyCarrierPackets program is our one stop shop for all of our carrier qualification, carrier on-boarding, and carrier monitoring needs. The rates are very affordable and helps us seamlessly setup carriers online while effectively branding our company.

    Mark Harrell, Director of Operations at Trident Transport
  • MyCarrierPackets provides the best carrier onboarding service in the industry. It's affordable, helps brand our company, and allows us to setup carriers online seemlessly!

    Andrew Manke, Director of Operations at Manke Logistics, Inc.
  • Automating carrier onboarding has been a top priority for Kopf since around 2007. At the TIA 2010 Conference, there was a lot of anticipation by logistics companies that the technical tools to drive this process and integrate with various TMS systems would soon arrive. That projection took more time to realize than the software prophets foretold, but several products made their way to market around 2015. We looked at many of them, nearly adopted some, but ultimately made the decision to implement Assure Assist’s carrier onboarding tool The easy integration with Assure Advantage to monitor carrier safety and insurance was an immediate benefit realized from this decision. As time moves forward, the carrier onboarding process has been greatly improved to the benefit of the company and its carrier contractors. It is a pleasure working with Assure Assist, Kopf has found the company leadership to be engaged, professional, and easy to work with.

    Howard Smith, Operations Manager for Kopf Logistics Group
  • MyCarrierPackets provides Taylor Logistics with an extremely efficient carrier compliance and onboarding service. It's helped us improve our company image, stay innovative, and most importantly centralize and speed up our carrier onboarding process. MyCarrierPackets carrier insurance monitoring/compliance service is second to none, and it's a fixed, reasonable rate.

    Brian Burkhart at Taylor Logistics
  • Implementing MyCarrierPackets and Assure Advantage has made onboarding carriers a breeze. Our freight dispatchers and Carrier Compliance team save a ton of time in onboarding, allowing them to focus on the core business covering freight versus combining through all compliance data and chasing down contracts and insurance. The service is not only innovative but it's affordable too! If you aren't utilizing an onboarding solution, or even if you are using another one, we'd suggest taking a look at MyCarrierPackets and Assure Advantage.

    Joe Gramc, CFO at Five Star Trucking
  • Our thanks go out to Jay Pelkey and the development team at MyCarrierPackets for bringing to market an automated carrier packet and carrier monitoring program at a price that small to midsize companies can afford. The automated carrier packet saves time, eliminates opportunities for human error and mitigates our risk when vetting and on-boarding carriers. In addition, the professional image the tools present and the ease of use for carriers to interact with makes us a more attractive company to do business with. Our days of dealing with the traditional carrier packet method are over!

    Doug Hazen at Amac Logistics
  • has completely streamlined our carrier on boarding process. Our old carrier setup process would take 20-30mins, but with we’ve been able to cut that down to 10mins. Our new TMS came with an on boarding module, but it failed in comparison to what is capable of. Our employees and carriers both find to be very user friendly and the helpful staff at is always available to provide support. It’s time you upgrade your on boarding process! You can save some trees, time and your budget in the process.

    Michael Lee at RJS Logistics
  • We recently connected with MyCarrierPackets and it has been a huge efficiency win for us. We are a growing brokerage and these tools are making a big impact to our bottom-line. The service is on point and Assure Advantage gives us an insurance credit with our agent to boot. The tools are integrated with our TMS too. Big fans. Huge efficiency win for us.

    Chad Almjeld at Procom Global Logistics, Inc.
  • We spent weeks reviewing different companies that offer prequalification, onboarding and continuous monitoring services. hands down was the best bang for your buck… Not only are they more affordable but they truly offer a more features and have a much more user-friendly interface than the other guys. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.

    Tim Yagatich at Guided Logistics
  • We had no idea such an affordable option for automated carrier monitoring and setup existed. This service has saved our company so much time in the setup process, and the integration with McLeod was the cherry on top. Now we don’t worry about how long it takes a staff member to setup the carrier, the control is mostly in the hands of the carrier. We highly recommend MyCarrierPacket and appreciate the efficiency we have gained.

    Kimberly Morrison, Managing Partner at Plains Dedicated
  • MyCarrierPacket is an excellent program for managing carriers. It improved time and efficiency to enter, qualify and monitor each carrier. I have worked in the logistics area for over 5 years, and have entered approximately 3000 carriers. All the time invested in this number of carriers, will be reduced in a high percentage with the utilization of MyCarrierPacket.

    Genesis Torres, Logistics Manager at North American Logistics Services
  • Jay and his team at MyCarrierPackets/Assure Advantagehave been great to work with from initial conversations to trial, go-live, and present day; they are always available to answer questions or help in any way. Onboarding time for new carriers, as well as carrier reactivations for new contracts, has been reduced to mere minutes. No need to chase for information; it’s all available once a packet is completed. By setting up risk parameters, and being able to manage carrier selection decisions by exceptions based upon risk assessment, it frees up time for all stakeholders in the process while improving quality and safety of carrier base. Having the ability to quickly retrieve insurance certificates, or having a 3rd party obtain certificates retrieve them on your behalf, is yet another benefit that saves time and improves overall quality. Thank you!

    Nate Carlson at Marten Transport Logistics
  • Since implementing the MyCarrierPackets program into our carrier on-boarding process, we have been able to efficiently increase the size of our carrier network. This service, coupled with Assure Advantage, has dramatically improved our overall risk management. We are able to access all of the carrier's pertinent information in one streamlined database that is easy to navigate. I can't speak more highly of the service or of Jay and his team. It is one of the best investments we've made here at Vine Line Logistics.

    Steve Lyons, Director of Sales & Marketing
  • One of the best moves we made in 2018 was switching to MyCarrierPackets for our carrier onboarding and overall risk management! Carrier integration is lightning fast, accurate, and customizable for our specific customer needs. Avenger Logistics is a much more efficient company since going live with MCP, and we are saving money in the process! It has allowed us to focus on sales and customer service instead of setting trucking companies up. Assure Assist support team is top notch as well. We cannot brag enough about them!

    Matthew Clements, Director of Carrier Operations
  • Addison Transportation’s experience with using MyCarrierPackets has gone very smooth! Our staff really likes how much faster and easier it is now to get set up with a carrier than our prior manual method. It used to take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get set up with a new carrier. Now it can take from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. The Aljex Software Integration cost and the My Carrier Packet’s monthly cost is reasonable. All in all we are very pleased with My Carrier Packets.

    Kevin Kokjohn, Vice President of Operations
  • It has been life changing to work with MyCarrierPackets. They have saved me so much valuable time.

    Maria Armas
  • MyCarrierPackets has taken the stress out of getting carriers contracted with us. It’s an easy system for the carriers, and helped our company feel more secure with onboarding new trucks quickly. Wouldn’t want to do it any other way!

    Holly Frazier
  • Since using MyCarrierPackets, we’ve been asking ourselves why we haven’t done so sooner! Their system has proved to be extremely beneficial in just a short period of time, and it’s been a breeze onboarding and monitoring carriers. With outstanding customer service, the transition to MyCarrierPackets was quick and easy, and JGLC highly recommends their services to anyone looking to save time and money.

    Hannah Cleveland
  • MCP has proven to be an invaluable tool just in the first month of using it. We are saving time and resources on setting up new carriers, which has allowed us to expand our database and ultimately provide better capacity for our customers. I would recommend any 3PL small or larger use MyCarrierPackets!

    Meghan Burton, Boomer Logistics
  • Thank you Assure Assist for making carrier setup simple.

    Joe Best
  • In 2018, Lake Shore Logistics transitioned our carrier onboarding process to MyCarrierPackets with Safer Watch monitoring. The MCP platforms are user friendly for both our logistics specialists and our partner carrier network. Their customer service team is responsive with insurance certification, as well as system integration questions. Time is of the essence in the transportation industry, and MCP made our carrier vetting process streamed-lined and efficient.

    Jennifer Schriefer, Logistics Manager
  • We are incredibly pleased with the MyCarrierPackets platform. It integrates well with our TMS, implementation was smooth, and our team has seen an astounding improvement in the efficiency and compliance realm of our carrier onboarding. Our carriers are thrilled to hear they can onboard so quickly and seamlessly. We highly recommend!

    Cassie Glover, Office Manager for BOOMERANG TRANSPORTATION

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Assure Assist’s is a unique Online Carrier Packet. When a customer signs up for the service, they upload their logos, color schemes, legal documents, and check the questions they want to ask freight carriers.

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I think the correct question is, why wouldn't you? The cost of is less expensive than operating and maintaining your own website. Also, why recreate the wheel? Let the experts in online carrier packets manage the site.

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How does the Double Brokering feature work?

Double brokering has come to mean many things in our industry. When a broker re-brokers a load, or a carrier sub-contracts it without your approval, it can lead to increased costs, delayed deliveries, and potential legal liabilities. To help identify parties that are reassigning your loads to other parties without your knowledge, we have created Double Brokering Alerts.

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